Thursday, March 08, 2007


Visiting a place like Kaua'i, Hawai'i certainly puts things in perspective for those open enough to receive some world wisdom. The sheer magic of a place that exists because it bubbled and oozed up out of the first barren and naked, then slowly receiving the components necessary for life of any kind. The first grain of soil, the first seed sprouting the first bit of green, the first insect which would ultimately feed the first bird...and so on. All the things that we take for granted everyday are amplified here, and so, more sacred. And yet surprisingly, an idea that would make the most sense anywhere--let alone on a chunk of land surrounded by thousands of miles of salty blue ocean--is new and controversial and even unknown. The idea of sustainability. If there is anywhere on the globe I've had a chance to visit which has made me cherish the earth beneath my feet, it is Hawai'i. Thankfully the people of these islands are cautiously trying to overcome their aversion to change...acting now so that future generations will see an island not overrun with landfills and polluted waters, but one where the incredible mountains, rivers and ocean wildlife will be protected and revered for what they are...ecologically and globally priceless.


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